Introduction to scenes

Pictures pivot e-learning, they don’t just support it. Whether you use regular or 360° images, they are essential in recreating a real-life environment where efficient learning takes place.

The images of your environment are called Scenes and are key elements in creating a captivating learning experience.

Panomio allows you to upload ultra-high resolution images. High-resolution of the image ensures that the learner is able to zoom in and clearly see the details within the image.

In many situations, high-resolution image is not required and you can build immersive e-learning with regular images.

Below we explain different types of images that you can use as Scenes in your next e-learning.

Regular image

It is easy to create your first Scene and you can start without a 360° camera.

Simply use a regular camera (you can even use your phone camera), capture a picture of a facility or hardware that you want to use in your training and upload it to Scenes.

⚠️ Note, we don’t recommend using the panorama feature in the phone, as Panomio will not recognize it as a panoramic image. 360° panoramic image has a specific aspect ratio, which is different from the panorama feature in your phone.

Read more about capturing a regular image.

360° image

One of the ways to create an immersive learning environment is by using a 360° image.

There are two main options for capturing your environment in a 360° image. You can either use a consumer 360° camera or you can get professional equipment for capturing 360° images. Additionally, you can hire a professional 360° photographer to capture the images for you.

Consumer 360° cameras are affordable, easy to use, and they produce a 360° picture instantly, without the need for time-consuming postproduction. They are a great fit for most learning scenarios.

A professional setup or photographer will produce a high-resolution image, which allows learners to zoom in on the details of the image. High-resolution 360° images are suitable for complex environments, such as a cockpit of a commercial aircraft, which contains many small switches and labels.

You can download a sample 360° here. Read more about capturing 360° image.

3D render

Generating images from 3D software is another way to get your Scene.

Depending on your 3D setup, you can render both a regular image and a 360° image. 3D rendering allows you to have maximum control over your environment or it allows you to create images of environments that are dangerous or difficult to access for photoshoots.

Read more about 3D renders here. If you want to generate a 3D scene quickly, use this AI tool.

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