Train Your Crew While Your Aircraft Earns in the Air

Minimize aircraft visits. Maximize your training.

Why Choose Our Solution?

Experience state-of-the-art, regulation-compliant training that is easy to update and seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure.

Regulation Compliant

Designed for aviation and authority regulations.

Easy Self-Updates

User-friendly interface for content revisions and updates by your team.

Secure & Compatible

Integrates securely with your IT infrastructure.

Modern & Accessible

Utilizes modern training methods, runs on all devices, and is Gen Z friendly.

We Do Everything

From photos to deployment, we handle every detail of your Cabin Equipment Trainer.

Fast Development

From private jets to wide-body aircraft, your Cabin Equipment Trainer is ready in weeks.

Experience 60% reduction in aircraft visits

Train your crew in digital aircraft replica instead of using real aircraft. Your aircraft can stay in the air, and your crew can train at the same time.

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We are trying to establish Virtual Training Academy to provide the best training for our crews where they are. Training with virtual trainers helped our flight crew achieve better standards in their competencies.
Nicolai Bondo Rasmussen
NP crew training at Sunclass
We wanted our crew to feel that we are on their side in striving to be well-prepared for the job, which is why we have accepted responsibility to provide easy to understand training material. The Aviation eLearning app meets these requirements and more.
Mogens Motzfeldt-Haahr sitting in a chair in Aviation e-Learning office
Mogens Motzfeldt-Haahr
Chief Flight Instructor at Air Greenland

Worry-Free Solution

Our professional team will handle every detail of your Cabin Equipment Trainer.

1. Aircraft Photoshoot

A professional photography team ensures your aircraft is captured in the highest quality.

2. Content Development

Experienced aviation experts design training tailored to your needs.

3. Cabin Training Deployment

An expert IT team ensures the cabin trainer runs seamlessly in your system.
Avatar photoAvatar photoAvatar photo

Interested in full solution? Hire an Expert!

Reach out to us and we'll introduce you to one of our experienced Panomio Expert Partners. They're ready to lend their expertise and create a custom-made Cabin Equipment trainer just for your airline.

Features of Cabin Equipment Trainer

Effortless Scalability

We handle training updates, keeping everything up-to-date and worry-free. Moreover, Panomio’s easy interface lets you quickly adapt the Cabin Equipment Trainer to your needs. Thus, you can select your ideal path:

• opt for worry-free experience - we do everything
• collaborate with us to tailor your cabin trainer
• take the lead with our expert guidance to craft your cabin trainer

Training Ready in Record Time

Get your trainer ready for the next training session with Panomio's unrivaled speed of delivery. Custom VR training can take months to roll out. With Panomio you can launch comprehensive Cabin Equipment trainer within just 8 weeks.

Seamless Integration

Our Cabin Equipment Trainer easily integrates with your current systems, ensuring smooth setup and efficient progress tracking. Learn more about integration here.

Up to

Reduction of Aircraft Visits

Air Greenland reduced aircraft visits during cabin crew training from 3 to 1 for their crew by implementing Panomio's immersive Cabin Equipment Trainer, streamlining the process and boosting efficiency.

Safe and Realistic Training with Virtual Aircraft

Boost training with virtual aircraft replicas for easy scheduling and consistent sessions. Ensure your crew masters procedures and prepares for real-world challenges without any risk.

Benefits of Implementing Cabin Equipment Trainer


Start Training Without Aircraft

Get your crew familiar with the aircraft environment without scheduling aircraft training sessions. Prepare your crew for what to expect while minimizing aircraft downtime.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Regulation-Compliant Training

Stay compliant with ease. Our Cabin Equipment Trainer is validated by Danish Civil Aviation Authorities, ensuring thorough and up-to-date compliance.

Blended Learning Options

Ensure high-quality, consistent training with blended learning options. Combine at-home refreshers with immersive 360° virtual aircraft sessions for effective, uniform training. Enhance learning outcomes and boost crew readiness for both new and returning members.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Reliable Procedure Training

Ensure consistent procedures and confident crews. Our Cabin Equipment Trainer focuses on critical skills, standardizing training to boost competence and readiness for real-world scenarios.
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Compare Panomio courses to other mediums

Below is a table highlighting key differences between Panomio, typical VR courses and typical text-based courses
Text-based courses
Panomio logo
VR courses
Speed of development
Cost of development
Effective for factual content
Effective for both hands-on training and theory
Effective for hands-on training
User Friendliness
Learner must be familiar with VR
Hardware Requirements
Must have VR
Scalable only with VR devices
Easy editing
VR expert required

Complete solution tailored to your airline

Select your ideal path:

• opt for worry-free experience - we do everything
• collaborate with us to tailor your cabin trainer
• take the lead with our expert guidance to craft your cabin trainer

Initial consultation

Speak with our experts to identify your training needs and set goals.

Project Kickoff

Meet your dedicated project manager and finalize timelines and milestones.

Aircraft Photoshoot

Choose between our team capturing your aircraft or DIY with our in-depth guidance.

Content Development

Our team crafts tailored Cabin Equipment Trainer that meets your training objectives.


Review the content with your team.


Your Cabin Equipment Trainer goes live. We make sure it seamlessly integrates with your current processes.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product.
Is there a free trial available to evaluate the system before purchasing?

Yes, Panomio offers unlimited free access to three courses, shareable via web link. If you want to create complex courses and export them for LMS, you can upgrade to a plan that meets your needs.

Is it possible to customize the virtual training for specific training needs?

Certainly, the virtual training can be customized for any train type or other environments. Schedule a meeting to explore the possibilities for your training.

Can our company-specific content be used to create a similar course?

Absolutely, our in-house experts can create a custom course using your content. This includes consultation, 360° photography, design, content preparation, course development, and distribution or integration with your existing training platform.

Do you offer expert assistance for full solution development?

Yes, we can assist with the entire course development process, including consulting, 360° photography, design, content preparation, course development, and distribution or integration with your existing training system.

How can I update the course content?

With our Panomio authoring tool, you can easily update the content at any time. No coding is required. Choose the plan that suits you and update, duplicate, or create new courses as needed.

Can the virtual training be integrated with our current Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes, our system supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and xAPI (Tin Can) standards.

How can learners access the courses created in Panomio?

Panomio is designed with both, end-user and employer in mind. The user interface is designed for tablets and phones, that employees already have in their pocket and it doesn’t require employer to purchase any additional hardware.

The design on mobile devices is not compromised. It is truly responsive, providing full immersive learning experience.

Panomio runs on iOS, iPadOS and Android (both tablet and phone). We also support these desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

What kind of content can I upload in Panomio?

You can upload text, images, videos, PDFs, links and audio.

How does Panomio work?


To build virtual trainers in Panomio, you must capture your working environment to create the virtual workplace. Virtual workplace can be created by 360 panoramic images (photographs or 3D computer generated images) or regular images.


Use the features to deliver high-end procedural training:
Use Linear Flow to present step-by-step instructions.
Use Hotspot Map to present working environment.
Use Quiz to ask multiple choice questions.
Use Hidden Area to ask learners to point specific location within virtual workplace.


Export your immersive courses as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or xAPI (Tin Can) and import courses in Learning Management System (LMS) or share previews through web links.

Environmentally Conscious Training

By eliminating the need for physical transportation and resource-intensive training setups, virtual training solution significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your operations, contributing to your sustainability goals.

Don't Risk Falling Behind

Sticking to outdated training methods carries both visible and hidden costs, including scheduling conflicts, poor performance, and potential safety hazards. Panomio offers an immersive visual training solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs of cabin crew, enhancing both training effectiveness and peace of mind.

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