Bitesize Learning: What Is It and What Makes It Effective

Beslan Bakriev
June 9, 2023
3 min read

E-learning has undergone a paradigm shift, increasingly favoring the bitesize learning format over lengthy courses with multiple objectives. Short and focused courses are now the new norm. Bitesize learning is particularly popular in corporate training, addressing both the limited human brain capacity and the digital age we live in. The principle behind bitesize learning is simple but effective: learners process information best when it's presented in easily digestible pieces. Instead of rare, lengthy courses, lessons can be split into small bite-sized snacks that can be taken at scheduled intervals and as frequently as desired.

Key Principles of Bitesize Learning

  1. One learning objective at a time 
    A module is created to address a particular learning objective, which could be one or two tightly defined goals. This approach ensures that the information presented is precise and contains only what is necessary to accomplish the desired outcome. Bitesize learning modules can be combined to form a series of modules that make up a comprehensive course.
  2. Keep your audience engaged 
    To engage your audience, it's important to create a module that is brief and to the point. However, beyond time constraints, it's crucial to maintain learner engagement by providing compelling visual and audio elements. While these assets can be helpful, the most effective way to engage learners is through a well-crafted information design.
  3. Enable self-learning and repetition 
    Bitesize learning offers both a principle and an advantage: the modules are easily accessible for self-paced learning at any time or just in time when the need arises. These short and specific modules make it simple to identify, access, and review the material repeatedly over a prolonged period.

The positive outcomes of bitesize learning

Given the key principles of bitesize learning, it's no surprise that it has become a popular training approach. This method delivers favorable training results that ultimately lead to positive business outcomes.

Bitesize learning is highly effective in training because it emphasizes knowledge acquisition. When employees or team members are expected to learn and retain information, training should cater to their learning capacity by providing manageable, digestible, and enjoyable materials.

For example, bitesize learning outperforms traditional training, where the learning curve drops over time. In traditional learning, longer courses are taken with longer intervals, and performance declines until the next training session. As the forgetting curve hypothesis suggests, information retention decreases over time when there is no effort to retain it.

Recurrent training is conducted every six months, leading to longer periods of performance decline as it relies on training as a variable. The structure of longer courses with longer intervals contributes to this performance curve.

In contrast, bitesize learning results in better retention and performance due to the principle of self-paced learning and repetition, allowing learners to review and reinforce the material as often as necessary.

Bitesize learning helps maintain high-level performance, making it an effective approach to encourage high performance. By emphasizing learning and enabling self-repetition, bitesize learning helps sustain learning and performance over time. 


Bitesize learning is an ideal choice for organizations looking to cater to the needs of modern learners. Today's workforce demands learning approaches and technologies that provide flexibility and opportunities to build self-confidence. 

Traditional training methods are rigid and no longer work for modern learners who prefer personalized, engaging, and interactive learning experiences. Bitesize learning offers all of these features, making it an excellent choice for organizations looking to enhance their training programs.

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Beslan Bakriev
April 18, 2023
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